Desktop and mobile news reader webapp with inline navigation between articles and snooze-based "read later" functions.

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Mar 2014
Webfyr's desktop and mobile webapps

Inline browsing

Webfyr avoids bouncing users off between its app and other websites by showing all articles and external links inside a dedicated reading pane.

This allows quickly scanning and marking of interesting articles and reading them one by one inside the pane.

Up next

Similarly to Reeder and Safari, when one reachs the end of an article, the reading pane suggests the next relevant item for reading - whether that's the next item marked for reading, a saved one from long ago or just the next item in the feed.

Real life content problems

Webfyr's smartly website-tinted image placeholders

A placeholder tinted with the website's prominent color is used whenever an article is missing an image (based on the website's favicon colors).

Since some websites provide only excerpts (or links), the reading pane includes a toggle for switching between the light article and the web one. The pane also remembers how one reads each website, and automatically switches the viewing mode accordingly.

A "New Posts" floating thingy reveals newly added articles to the feed. Yet since sometimes the new content turns out to be uninteresting or perhaps triggered by accident - a reversible "Get back down?" thingy is always there.

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