Javascript add-on for mobile websites which creates a touch-friendly expandable menu with sharing, "save for later" and accessibility tools.

Design & front-end coding
Created at
Aug 2013's menu and sharing dialog

Functionality's floating button, open menu, text resizing menu, content saving menu and share dialog's floating button, open menu, text resizing menu, content saving menu and share dialog.'s sharing dialogs

Share dialog is automatically collapsed (left) to show only social sharing. Expanding it reveals additional actions (middle) which are customizable (right).

Design's branding

Aside from being (touch) friendly, the floating button had to look familiar to the website's visitors. So every button was branded to the likes of publishers, using their brand color and icon. Visitors were mostly unaware of being a 3rd-party add-on.'s sharing interaction's following a website interaction

All's dialogs are "continuous", meaning they never go away until their action is done. This helped indicating's core functions which mostly involved jumping between tabs to connect with social services and waiting for a server response.

Moving and repositioning's error dialog

Left: Since floating controls tend to overlap others, could easily be moved and positioned anywhere else on the screen. Right: Navigating around and getting an error.

Design concepts

Animation concepts for's menu opening Animation concepts for's menu nevigation

Left: Concepts for's menu opening animation. Right: Concepts for's navigation/hierarchy animation (first ones in each set were eventually selected).

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