Usage Email

Daily and weekly email sent to publishers with anlaytic data about how people were using their mobile website and their add-on.

Design & front-end coding
Created at
Feb 2014's weekly usage email

Behind the fun

Ironically had a rather nice analytics page on the dashboard for clients to check out, but them clients didn't really visit it nor knew about it (metric moment: low engagement), which was pretty bad considering that was the only proof of's value.

Therefore it was decided to convert the analytics page into a daily and weekly email summary which would be easier to get into publishers' hands and more digestible.

Sketches for's weekly usage email
Going static: Transforming the interactive web analytics elements into static and more digestible ones for the email.
Unsubscribe hover animation for's weekly usage email
Manipulating people's hearts: When viewing the full web summary, hovering over the unsubscribe link animates a silly heart breaking.
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