BillGuard Ultimate

Conversion user journey for BillGuard's ID Protection paid offering, including in-app marketing and billing screens and later freemium-based core redesign.

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Jun 2015
BillGuard Ultimate's marketing screen
BillGuard Ultimate's full marketing screen
Those hotshot monotone icons (see left column) are based on the fine work of Mr. Awesome Ben Frankforter.

App Store promotional art

BillGuard Ultimate's App Store promotional art

Unlock and billing screens

BillGuard Ultimate's locked features screens BillGuard Ultimate's billing screens

Quick redesign for Credit Score introduction

Shuffled main navigation buttons and core "Protection" screen around

BillGuard Ultimate's redesign for introduction of credit score feature
BillGuard Ultimate's credit score screens BillGuard Ultimate's credit score states
Co-designed with that Mr. Awesome Ben Frankforter.

Updated identity screen

BillGuard Ultimate's redesigned Identity screens
Based on the original person-in-a-blue-screen design of Mr. Awesome Ben Frankforter and Mrs. Lovely Chof Golan.
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