iOS 10 UI kit

A rather complete Sketch and Photoshop kits of iOS 10 UI: system screens, notifications, navigation and tab bars, keyboards, pickers, action sheets and actually many more.

OMG 3 sizes. No need to resize, everything is already scaled and hinted for all three sizes.

~91.99% vector (not really). Less photos, more elements and screens you're likely to have*.

Requires SF font. Make sure you've got San Francisco font from Apple.

* Need system app templates? Try Facebook's awesome kit!

iPhone 5/SE

320×568 (5 MB)
640×1136 (24 MB)

iPhone 6/7

375×667 (6 MB)
750×1334 (32 MB)

iPhone 6 Plus/7 Plus

414×736 (7 MB)
1242×2208 (65 MB)

All sizes

All sizes (19 MB)


A Sketch plugin for quickly exporting slices for iOS, Android, web and even just mockups. It uses presets for sizes and file names, so you only need to select where to save to. It even organizes Android assets into their folders and support 9-patches. And lets you export again with E.

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Swap Styles

A little Sketch plugin for swapping styles between two layers in Sketch. Don't C and V endlessly, just have a little ^S.

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Push and Shove

A Sketch plugin for resizing, aligning and generally manipulating layers wickedly:

Resize layers backwards (from the bottom right edge) by just adding ^ to your usual

Move layers half a pixel in any direction with ^

Align layers horizontally/vertically to artboard with [ and ]

Toggle the proportions constraint of layers with ^C

Replace a layer with one(s) you've just copied with ^V

And more...

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