Oz Pinhas

A UX designer. FE developer

I design and build digital goods. Usually I also FE develop them. Sometimes people use them. I'm currently running this gig at BillGuard.

I also design fictive Hebrew versions for movie posters and some freebies for kicks, experiment some weird UI interactions and write utter nonsense.

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Icon Design for Brow.si Reader (rejected)

Initial design concept for Brow.si Reader app on its very early development weeks. The design was eventually rejected to better emphasize the Brow.si bar itself.

Design and FE Code of Brow.si

Brow.si is a floating button which extends into a full-fledged menu of engagement options for mobile websites.

Development included a pretty unique touch interface loaded with lots of animations, with support for both iOS and Android 2+ platforms (yay).

Try Brow.si by visiting mobile websites like The Washington Post, Walla, The Marker...

Design and FE Code of Brow.si Publishers' Dashboard

Dashboard for website owners/publishers for managing their Brow.si toolkit (part of the whole Brow.si website).

Includes customization pages and a very fun-to-watch analytics page.

Design and Code of Bus Arrival Web App

Couldn't find a simple app for quickly checking out the arrival time of my daily buses, so I built one.

Using custom-made JS libraries for jQuery-like operations and handling of app behaviour (pushing/popping views using History API) and twitter's awesome Hogan.js template engine.

Made for personal use - tested only on my iPhone 4 and has only my 2 buses data :)

Concept Design for iOS Music.app

Some wishful UI thoughts for iOS' default music app (which can never come true due to Apple's restrictive API and its "keep it simple" strategy).

Design and Code of A Wedding RSVP Page

Simple RSVP page for a friend's wedding. Submitting an RSVP flips the card and reveals a thank card with extra details.

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And some more on my dribbble profile...

Lots of unwatched Grey's Anatomy hours were spent designing and building these stuff, don't be an ass and mess with copyrights... Oz Pinhas - 2013

(Profile photography by my awesome little sisters)

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