Hello, it's Oz over here

I solve design problems, preferably by putting smiles on people faces. Often I also code. Sometimes people use these products. I rinse and repeat this gig.

(A rather complicated way to explain I do product, design and code. But stick around, aye?)

Here are some free resources

Some say if you just use words like NOW, FREE or TODAY ONLY, you could get people to actually do stuff. So here are some pretty seemingly useful stuff. Free

Now. Now. Get it. Free. Free. Now. Now. Get it. Free. Now. Now. People also bought.

And that is pretty much it.

The following ill-selected Instagram photos are here to indulge whatever is left of your stay here.

Thanks for sticking around, have a nice one and many cat gifs.

Oz Pinhas

Designing Duplex at Google
Designing Waze Carpool and tools at Google

I'm a self-taught designer, specializing in web and mobile products that are bluntly designed to put shitload of smiles on people's faces. Also front-end developing some of them. 24/7 side-projectting solutions for daily things.

Product Manager & Designer at BillGuard*
Product Designer & Front-end Developer at Brow.si**

* Acquired by Prosper Marketplace

** Acquired by Avantis