Hello, it's Oz over here

I’m a designer-engineer-human.
Making tools for other humans to be friends with

Google Assistant

Making people train bots

Designed tools for people to teach bots what it’s like to sound like a human (Google Duplex). Show more

Also: Partnered with Google Maps’ awesome folks to make reservations using Duplex.

(Can’t share much coz Google)

(P.S. sorry for the brand mark placement)

Waze Carpool

Making people move

Designed a successful core service revamp, enabling people to choose their carpool buddy. Show more

Including new design system unifying both driver and rider apps.

Also advocated some content strategy like moving to first-name basis, "request a ride" —> "Ask for a ride".

Prioritized + shipped post-launch iterations.

App Store -> Google Play -> Team


Making people drive a bit safer

Designed some mobile thingies, communications and tools. Show more

Including Waze + Spotify's partnership, getting tunes suggestions and controlling playback without switching apps.

Also created a design system for Waze and Carpool's transactional/marketing emails.

And designed ways for Map Editors to annotate tricky map features like high-occupancy and electric vehicle lanes, and nasty junctions.

App Store -> Google Play -> Team


Making people design faster

Designed and developed Sketch plugins. Show more

Mostly providing keyboard shortcuts to things like exporting slices to the same folder, swapping styles, aligning layers and a few more.

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(Undisclosed tool)

Making people experiment

Designed and developed (UI engineering) internal tools for A/B testing product. Show more

Introduced a more accessible way for PMs, QA and engineers to change product configurations, for testing the performance of new features + defining gradual rollout.

Shortened time-to-rollout new features from a few days to a few minutes (also unblocking Site Reliability engineers).

Hello again

I'm a self-taught person, crafting products that are bluntly designed to put shitload of smiles on the faces of both consumers/professionals. I code some, especially if they help ship stuff faster

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Oz Pinhas, that's me
  1. Product designer, Novi at Facebook
  2. Prod. designer; Waze, Google Assistant at Google
  3. Prod. designer & Prod. manager at BillGuard
  4. Prod. designer & UI engineer at Brow.si
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